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The road to sustainability progress begins at the top. This is why at GITEX Impact, we have made it our mission to engage Chief Sustainability Officers to lead the transition through collaborative best practices and advanced tech solutions.



The GITEX Impact CSO Business Club is the world’s largest community of sustainability experts coming together to build a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. Aligned with GITEX Impact’s mission, the CSO Business Club seeks to drive collaborations with the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a more sustainable future across sectors and boundaries.

Why join the CSO Business Club?

The reach and connectivity CSO Business Club members gain includes access and learning with sustainability experts and organisations across the globe, including unique shared learning experiences, and proprietary insights through strategic partnerships. CSO Business Club members are able to make an outsized positive impact through their organisations for society and the planet through the power of collaborations and partnerships.

Meet the Impact
Leaders 2023

CSO Club Unveils its Roster of Impact Leaders!

GITEX Impact has announced its list of 300 Impact Leaders, chosen across sectors and regions for the year 2023. Impact Leaders gain membership to the GITEX Impact CSO Business Club, a by-invite-only community that leads the transition to a more sustainable world through collaborations and advanced tech solutions. The community is established and developed by Sustain Labs Paris, a globally acclaimed organisation that establishes large scale new institutions for a sustainable future, and vetted by the GITEX Impact Council Members. In the UAE's year of sustainability, the GITEX Impact Leaders community includes the world’s foremost sustainability decision makers who are accelerating positive and lasting change in their organizations, communities, countries, and the world. 20% Impact Leaders come from Africa, 17% from the Americas, 16% from Asia, 26% from Europe, and 19% from the Middle East.

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Chief Sustainability Officers Insights

Who is a CSO Business

Club member?

A CSO Business Club member is an empathetic sustainability leader with a substantial track record of impact and collaboration at an organisational and personal level.

  • 1

    Chief decision maker for corporate sustainability in the organisation, across all sizes, sectors, regions, within the private sector, public sector, not for profit organisations, arts, education institutions.

  • 2

    In case of a holding company, the chief decision maker for corporate sustainability for the holding company and subsidiaries will be eligible.

  • 3

    Inclusive of all age groups, sectors, countries.

  • 4

    Demonstration of high relevance to corporate sustainability, strong impact track record, credible vision for the future, evidence of collaboration.

What does the journey at the CSO
Business Club look like?

The journey begins with on-boarding CSO Business Club members into the CSO Business Club community. The CSO Business Club manager will introduce members to the community and walk members through the opportunities the CSO Business Club membership offers.

CSO Business Club members’ sustainability leadership journey is enriched through several regional, global, and virtual events every year. These world-class immersive discourses and educational experiences provide opportunities to learn and grow in a structured environment with your international peers. The events also help members connect and create lasting relationships with fellow sustainability leaders to amplify their impact.


What to expect

Membership in the CSO Business Club includes an invitation to GITEX Global as well as to GITEX Impact, organised at the Dubai World Trade Centre every year in Dubai. GITEX Global is the world’s largest technology exhibition and summit. An offshoot of GITEX Global, GITEX Impact is the world’s largest ESG X technology exhibition and summit. CSO Business Club Members will be given a VIP all access pass to both events.

CSO Business Club members will receive an invitation to a 1 day exclusively curated program held on the day before the start of GITEX Global and GITEX Impact events. The program will include immersive learning and experiences, designed such that members can get to know each other, learn from each other, and support each other.

CSO Business Club members will have access to the latest research on corpo-rate sustainability, global trends and solutions. This will enable CSO members to perform their duties with research driven foresight and stay ahead of the curve. CSO Business Club members will also have the opportunity to contribute to GITEX Impact Council White Papers and research.

A 1 week program focusing on sustainability leadership at a leading university campus will be curated exclusively for the CSO Business Club and offered to 50 members each year on a first come first served basis.

Each year, members will get the opportunity to partake in 2 learning journeys, for a duration of approximately 5 days each, at a destination where sustainabil-ity is powerfully demonstrated, thereby offering a chance for CSO Business Club members to experience breakthrough ideas.

CSO Business Club members will receive an invitation to Breakfast meetings. The calendar, including the location, of the Breakfast meetings will be provided in advance.

CSO Business Club members will be invited to the CSO Business Club LinkedIn group, and will engage all year round Linked-in group discussions with fellow CSO Business Club members.

Members receive invitations to participate in GITEX Impact Councils. GITEX Im-pact Councils are the world’s foremost multi stakeholder and interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative technologies to shape a more resilient, inclu-sive and sustainable future.

How it works


An individual can either self-nominate her/ himself, or nominate an individual who fits our criteria, by filling out our nomination form here https://giteximpact.com/cso-business-club/. The CSO Business Club management team will then carry out its due diligence, and if passed successfully, will send an invitation to join the CSO Business Club.


Upon receiving the invitation to join the CSO Business Club, members will need to digitally sign an acceptance form.


Membership to the CSO Business Club is for a 3 year time frame, free of cost for 1 year, after which there will be annual fee to the membership. At the end of 3 year membership tenure, membership can be renewed.


The CSO Business Club community manager is the CSO Business Club members’ point of contact at the CSO Business Club, to help facilitate connections, conversations, and curate experiences.