fbpx Skills for a net-zero future in the UAE - GITEX Impact

There is a clear shift in the skills needed for establishing and maintaining net-zero emissions in the UAE, with robotics & artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability & climate action, and critical thinking emerging as pivotal pillars. Notably, it was found that 2 of the top 3 skills deemed relevant for a net-zero future, i.e., robotics & AI, and sustainability & climate action, do not adequately feature in the training offered to professionals and in the curriculum offered to university students in the UAE who are currently enrolled. The UAE is already ahead of many of its peers globally in offering sustainability and climate-related skills, yet more is needed to meet the skills demand. It was also found that the top motivator for acquiring new skills is jobs, which could therefore enable leveraging the climate jobs boom to make skills for the net- zero transition more attractive to students.