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Sustainable Farming

While food security is the corner stone of sustainability, managing the emissions caused by food production and waste has an equally significant impact on resources world wide. Globally, agricultural activities contribute to approximately 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

In the MENA region, 83% of water use goes to agriculture, in contrast to the mere 4% devoted to industrial purposes. In this region, food security and growing food sustainably both play strategically important roles to promote resilient food systems, keeping critical economic sectors alive, and forming the base of the economy. In fact, out of the region’s total population of 296 million people, 84 million, or 28%, are entirely dependent on agriculture. This is why farms in MENA and world over are increasingly being ‘teched-up' when it comes to growing food to be both sustainable and profitable. Farmers are using technologies such as moisture sensors, drones, smart irrigation, terrain contour mapping, self-driving and GPS enabled tractors to produce food more sustainably.

Technology is also being looked upon as a provider of increasing the affordability and availability of such sustainable farming solutions for the economically deprived and vulnerable communities.