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Mohamed Hedi Mejai

Director, Investments, Islamic Development Bank [Saudi Arabia]

Mohamed Hedi is currently serving as the director of the Investments department of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), a multilateral financial institution headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He oversees the investment teams in charge of managing the direct investment portfolio of IsDB and the asset management portfolio invested in various asset classes with global asset managers. He managed in parallel the Treasury departing till end of 2022 overseeing treasury operations and sukuk issuance of the bank. Prior to that he headed the project finance/PPP team and served as Advisor to the Chairman of ICD, the private sector financing affiliate of the IsDB.

He started with IsDB in 1998 as part of the Young Professional Program and rotated in various positions within the Islamic Development Bank Group. He took leave in 2005 to work in the private sector. He rejoined back IsDB in 2011.

In his banking career, he occupied several executive positions with investments and venture capital funds, investment and commercial banks in GCC including chief investment officer, chief executive officer.