fbpx Agritech - GITEX IMPACT 16-20 Oct 2023, the largest net zero summit


More than one-quarter of the world’s GHG emissions come from agriculture, forestry and land-use change. Unless actively addressed, these emissions are likely to increase as more people populate the Earth and the need for food continues to grow. Unlike other sectors, food production is significantly less consolidated too; reducing emissions requires action by the more than two billion people employed in agriculture across the globe. Additionally, the agricultural sector has a complex set of objectives to cater to alongside climate goals, including biodiversity, nutritional needs, food security and the livelihoods of farming communities.

Solutions exist: from zero-emissions on-farm machinery and equipment, improved fertilizers and additives, technologies that increase livestock productivity, improve crop and animal health monitoring, reduce wastage and induce behavior change, to next-horizon technologies for enhanced carbon sequestration, achieving the 1.5C pathway is possible. This sector now has an opportunity to make yet another contribution to humanity’s well-being during this crucial window for action, supporting diversity and inclusion.

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