fbpx Net zero summit 2023 - GITEX IMPACT 16-20 Oct 2023, the biggest net zero carbon event & conference

Net Zero

GITEX Impact is at the forefront of sustainable change with the upcoming net zero conference. What exactly is net zero and is this an achievable goal?

What is Net Zero?

Net zero is a state of balance between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions where any out in the atmosphere is re-absorbed, taken out, or “cut.” To achieve net zero, human-caused emissions are should be cut down as close to zero as possible with remaining GHG emissions balanced out via carbon removal. By following a certain trajectory, such as reducing emissions that contribute to the 1.5°C (34.7°F) global warming limit, industries can make the necessary changes. 

Net Zero vs. Real Zero

At net zero carbon events, reaching real zero is discussed but is not a realistic goal. Industry leaders aim to achieve net zero because reaching “true zero” means that no emissions are released or created in the first place. With net zero, energy and transportation industries for example are able to operate and remove emitted GHGs with modern technology and methods.

How to Achieve Net Zero

While more advanced means and technologies are to be discussed at the net zero summit 2023, steps that can be taken in order to achieve net zero include:

  • Making the shift to utilising renewable energy sources
  • Increase production and manufacturing efficiency using sustainable means
  • Land restoration

Though no country has been able to achieve this goal, there have been significant progress regarding innovation and prioritising reaching net zero.