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1. Can you please send a short description of Metamazonia

MetAmazonia is a 3D photorealistic metaverse created as the digital twin of the first Private Reserve for Sustainable Development in the Amazon Rainforest (Amazon Rio I) that brings ESG, blockchain, and web 3 together. It is powered by UNREAL technology and is totally explorable in VR, based in the real world and real-time data that utilizes “IoT” and innovative technology.

MetAmazonia enables an immersive experience in the Amazon forest offering many phygital utilities and experiences to its users. It contributes directly to biodiversity protection, development of 15 traditional communities in the region, and the fight against deforestation and climate change.

2. The significance of coming on board the inaugural GITEX Impact?

We believe that GITEX Impact will once more reunite a rich ecosystem of companies that join efforts for engaging and powering impact and innovation worldwide. As a company with a purpose-driven mission, we believe to have the best fit for the event, having a lot to show about MetAmazonia and its approach to the rainforests in a way never seen before. So it will be a pleasure to be present at the inaugural and be part of this story of Impact.

3. The ESG trends and developments that Metamazonia will be bringing to the show

MetAmazonia is in an advanced stage in terms of impact, notorious for its 10 years of social action and sustainable development engagement. AMAGROUP holds its history based on five pillars of action: Climate, Environmental, Social, Economic, and Technological. Now our main intention is to demonstrate how blockchain and the metaverse can be a tool for implementing those ESG trends. In our case, we are enabling the investment in Amazon Conservation, along with several social projects that are developed on the ground. Companies that are looking to scale their ESG goals can support our platform, helping to enhance forest monitoring while creating awareness about the forest importance.

4. The importance of ESG to Metamazonia’s corporate strategy

Since our business is built upon ESG premises, it has major importance! We’ve been looking to improve the ESG inside the corporate organization, mostly regarding Governance, considering that the Environmental, and Social pillars hold a solid performance and certified compliance on our side. As a modern company with a strong background, we seek constant adaptation and improvement in conduct. With that, we are able to onboard more companies into the ESG world.

5. The expectations of this show and who they’d like to meet

We have very high expectations about creating an even deeper network in the ESG, Impact, and ReFi space, getting to know other projects we could collaborate with and getting in touch with potential investors.

6. Problems that Metamazonia technologies aims to solve.

1. Climate - Catastrophes and disasters caused by the effects of climate change in an almost irreversible way

2. Amazon Rainforest - Destruction of the largest biodiversity ecosystem on the planet at an unprecedented rate, speed and scale

3. Complete lack of transparency in investments and lack of scalability and accessibility to projects that promote the fight against climate change and deforestation

- Platform developed by combining Web3, Blockchain and IoT technologies with the aim of making it transparent and easy for anyone anywhere in the world to: (i) invest, (ii) profit, (iii) engage and (iv) monitor forests , assets and socio-environmental projects in full development for more than 15 years in the largest mosaic of Private Sustainable Reserves in the Amazon Rainforest, aligned with the 17 SDGs of the United Nations

METAMAZONIA, a metaverse with high social-environmental impact, REAL ASSETS and PHYGITAL UTILITIES