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NABD is an Arabic News Aggregator platform that enables Arab users across the globe to stay up-to-date with their favorite news on the go. Today, Nabd reaches over 25 million users and generates over 2 billion page views every month. Nabd has been crowned the number one news app in 37 different countries on iPhone and the app is so popular that it has attained a top ten spot across all app categories in thirteen countries, putting it in the same league as WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Nabd is currently available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Huawei devices and on the web via the Nabd.com portal. Nabd aggregates content from 1,500 publishers, that include major international channels such as CNN, BBC and Euronews, to regional channels such as Al Arabiya and local publishers such as Alrai, Al-Ahram and Okaz. For more information please visit https://nabdapp.com/