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GITEX IMPACT Scholarship!

This is an opportunity for outstanding applicants to be granted a programme fee reduction of 50% – making the final tuition fee £3,000.

Postgraduate Certificate Banking and
Sustainable Finance

If you are determined by a deep-rooted commitment to promoting sustainability in the banking industry, this scholarship rewards your dedication, enabling you to access UK accredited, internationally recognised education.

As a proud member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA, you’ll unlock exclusive access to specialised virtual webinars, networking events and podcasts that offer opportunities to grow and network.

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Why choose The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) has a rich heritage dating back to 1879 when it was founded as the Institute of Bankers. Since then, they have been at the forefront of banking and finance education, providing professional qualifications, degrees, and apprenticeships to individuals and organisations around the world.

At LIBF MENA, their mission is to empower professionals in the region with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving financial industry. They offer a range of qualifications, degrees and master’s programmes to support those working in – or aspiring to work in – the banking and finance sector. Their internationally accredited programmes are designed to be practical, relevant, and tailored to the needs of the MENA region.


  • UK accredited, internationally recognised 60 credit Postgraduate Certificate Banking and Sustainable Finance awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Designed by internationally recognised academics with a track record in the Financial Services sector
  • Special invitation to LIBF events, such as external speaker series, forums and conferences
  • Extended opportunities to attend networking events


Module 1 provides in-depth knowledge of key concepts and theories of financial markets, institutions, and instruments, including their structure, functions, and their role in the socioeconomic environment and resource allocation.



50% GITEX Impact Scholarship available

UK accredited

Internationally recognised degree


Online learning flexibility


years of delivering financial education

Your future in banking and sustainable finance starts now.
Apply today for the GITEX IMPACT Scholarship and propel yourself towards
a successful career, and more sustainable tomorrow!

*LIBF reserves the right to accept and reject applications for the Postgraduate Certificate Banking and Sustainable Finance.