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Can you please send a short description of Jasani? What can you say is your claim to fame that I can use on our marketing campaign?

Jasani is the Middle East's leading corporate gifts supplier and solutions provider with 30+ years' worth of industry expertise and 2,500+ in-stock products. We have established a solid manufacturing footprint across the UAE, KSA, Qatar, South Africa, and India.

Jasani takes pride in bringing genuine sustainable product solutions to our clients. In 2022, our sustainable corporate gifting brand CHANGE Collection has earned the coveted Gold Award for Best CSR Initiative at the Gulf Sustainability Awards 2022. So far, this collection has:

  • saved 60+ million liters of water
  • repurposed 250k + plastic bottles into products
  • supported almost 8,600 individuals with access to clear water and sanitation through our partnership with Water.org.

We were also awarded the Bronze Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis in relation to our sustainability performance and initiatives.

The significance of coming onboard the inaugural GITEX Impact?

2023 is a significant and watershed year for sustainability in the Middle East. With COP28 around the corner, we feel honored to be part of such a huge and impactful show highlighting the importance of sustainability in today’s business landscape. It gives us another platform to speak about the cause we believe in and how we are making a difference through our sustainable product range. Coming into this event, our goal is to amplify the message of genuine sustainability to more people globally.

The ESG/ sustainability trends and developments that Jasani will be bringing to the show.

Our collections (CHANGE, Impact, and Ocean Bottle) are genuinely sustainable and traceable. Each product is backed by validated impact claims and has open disclosure of relevant and reliable information so that our clients and stakeholders can make well-informed decisions. In the last 30+ years, we have built our relationships with our clients through transparency and accountability, and we will continue to do so by pushing for sustainability-focused initiatives and innovations.

IMPACT Collection uses a disruptive new technology in textiles called the AWARE tracer, which provides the best proof of origin for materials containing recycled content. With a simple scan, users can verify the true use of recycled materials and trace the origin back to the factories.

Ocean Bottle is the single best solution we have come across to stop the problem of plastic polluting our oceans. Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of a whopping 1000 plastic bottle and stops them from entering our ocean. Through our partners and supporters, we have been able to prevent 26 Million plastic bottles from entering our ocean so far.

CHANGE Collection is a homegrown sustainable brand that creates beautiful sustainable products, without any “green premium” - the higher cost of buying sustainable. This means everyone can be sustainable, buy recycled and protect individuals around the world with a 3% contribution to Water.org. So far, CHANGE Collection has helped 8,600 individuals with lifetime access to clean water and sanitation.

The importance of ESG / Sustainability to Jasani’s corporate strategy

Sustainability is our entire corporate strategy and future direction. We want to increasingly be seen as the company moving the goalpost on what sustainability is in our industry, and we want to put an end to greenwashing. Our industry is one of the leading contributors of ‘brandfill’ - which is piles of discarded brand merch that end up in landfills – and we want to initiate change by campaigning for GENUINE and TRACEABLE sustainable products that avoid misleading claims or greenwashing.

With sustainability at the core of our business, we continue to drive product innovation, create new opportunities for growth, and build stronger relationships with our clients.

The expectations of this show and who they’d like to meet

We are eager to meet sustainability professionals from our Middle East region, exchange ideas and share solutions around transitioning their entire branded, promotional and merchandising spend in a new sustainable direction. We are seeing the awareness and interest in sustainability really grow in the Middle East. Hoping to truly create home-grown solutions during the year of COP28 and “Year of Sustainability” in the UAE.