fbpx Impact of sustainable Development - GITEX IMPACT 16-20 Oct 2023, the largest sustainability event

Impact Sustainability

Sustainable companies add value to all its key stakeholders, beyond shareholders. By providing livelihood, products and services, having positive working relationships with suppliers and distributors, and investing in the environment, new technologies, and societal challenges, the positive impact of sustainable companies on both internal and external stakeholders is obvious. 

However, when businesses are driven towards ensuring the well-being of  their employees, customers, communities, then the entire ecosystem also thrives. Such businesses have an impact not just in the social and environmental effects of their operations, but also on the long term financial prospects of their business as the former mitigates business risk, helps in greater employee retention, attracts more customers, and minimizes resource wastage. As per research by McKinsey & Co. and Deloitte, sustainable companies with an inclusive culture are reported to have 27% higher profitability, 22% greater productivity, and 60% increase in operating profits. Sustainability therefore can pay for itself — and more.