fbpx Green investments for sustainable Agriculture - GITEX IMPACT 16-20 Oct 2023, the largest sustainability event

Green Agriculture

The growth of the agriculture sector and equitable food distribution is crucial for ensuring food security for the world. Being the source of 30% of emissions in the world, the agriculture sector is also undergoing a tremendous transformation towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

Today’s farms are using a mix of data driven technologies, hardware and software, sensors and analysis to identify and mitigate environmental impact. Technology also plays a role in ensuring the increase in availability of affordable technologies for sustainable agriculture. Smart farms use data and technology to become faster, more efficient, and more resilient to protect earth’s resources while still meeting the demand for the world’s food supply. At COP 26, the UAE and the USA put forth the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate or AIM, to create investments in climate-smart agriculture and food systems over the next 5 years. The UAE has pledged an extra $1 billion for this project. Indeed an innovative, thriving and sustainable agriculture sector also enhances the lives of the 5 billion people that the sector employs globally.