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Investor Meetings Programme 2023 Guide and FAQs – For Startups

The Investor Meetings Programme is Investor-driven, meaning - Investors are the ones who select startups to meet based on their interests and investment criteria/mandate.


To take part in the Investor Meetings Programme, you firstly you must be an Exhibiting startup at Gitex Impact or Future Urbanism Expo. You will have received your login to the Exhibitor Portal where you will need to submit your company information.

Please complete the set of questions in the “Company Profile” and “Matchmaking and Networking” section on the Exhibitor Portal to ensure relevant matches are shown to you and the right companies, buyers, and investors can find you as well on the GITEX Plus mobile app based on your interests. Please complete and submit your responses by September 1st, 2023. If any changes are made to your submission, the team cannot guarantee that your changes will be reflected.

Please make sure to fill all mandatory questions on Company Profile, Matchmaking & Tag Products.