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Investor Meetings Programme 2023 Guide and FAQs – For Investors

The Investor Meetings Programme is Investor-driven, meaning - Investors are the ones who initiate meetings with startups that match their investment criteria/mandate and Investors based on their fund type and if they are looking to raise.


  • Concierge meeting managers shortlist startups for you to meet based on the criteria you have shared as an Investor on the onboarding form.
  • A link of the shortlisted startups will be shared for your review. The link can be viewed by logging into the GITEX Plus app.
  • Concierge meeting managers will proceed to set up meetings between yourself and the shortlisted startups. The team will be setting up a minimum of 20 meetings throughout the 4 days of Expand North Star (October 15-18th @ Dubai Harbour) and/or GITEX Impact (October 16-20th @ Dubai World Trade Centre).
  • If you come across exhibiting startups that are not included in the shortlisted startups shared by the concierge meeting manager, but you would like to connect, you can favorite these additional startups using the same link and request the concierge meeting manager to schedule meetings with these startups as well.


To take part in the Investor Meetings Programme, you firstly must be a vetted Participating Investor at Gitex Impact or Future Urbanism Expo. You will receive an onboarding form to fill out from the Investor Relations team which includes all necessary details and questions the Meetings Concierge team will need to do the matchmaking and scheduling of meetings.

Please complete and submit your responses within 2 days of receiving the onboarding form.