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Can you please send a short description of Elephantech? What can you say it’s your claim to fame that I can use on our marketing campaign?

Elephantech is a groundbreaking startup that has achieved mass production of Printed Circuit Boards(PCB) with a revolutionary manufacturing method. This innovative technology reduces copper usage by 70%, CO2 emissions by 75%, and water usage by 95%, setting a new standard for sustainability. Elephantech has established a cutting-edge manufacturing plant and its technology has already been adopted in products such as displays. With a vision to lead the decarbonization in electronics, Elephantech aims to become the go-to standard for PCB.

We will follow Elephantech social media channels. May I ask you to do the same for Impact please?

Sure. Will do so.

What does GITEX IMPACT mean to you?

We understood GITEX is the great hub for global companies/government/community in the Middle East. Elephantech's products - Printed Circuit Boards are essential for anything electrified and we have a large number of potential customers. We would like to introduce our technology to potential customers and business partners.

How can Elephantech help organisations embrace ESG principles?

Elephantechs PCB manufacturing method is the only way to manufacture printed circuit boards with low-carbon methodology. AS PCB is essential for anything electrified, we can support organizations embracing ESG principles in terms of environment.

How can your innovations accelerate ESG strategies?

I think the answer to this question might be covered with the previous answer. Please kindly let us know if we should add something.

What can the GITEX IMPACT audience expect from you?

New way of manufacturing PCB with low carbon, but also we can emphasize this technology can be used for other potential applications including MLCC, RFID, biosensors and so on. We have unique additive manufacturing technology with metal nanoparticle inkjet printing.

What do you aim to achieve from GITEX IMPACT?

Expand our network with: 

  • Potential customers and accelerate business negotiations for quicker adaption of our technology for customers product
  • Potential business partners who would like to use our technology(we can also sell our manufacturing machineries for industrial players) 
  • Governments/communities/corporates for action toward decarbonizing the world