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State of Climate Action report 2022

The State of Climate Action 2022 report, by the World Resources Institute, provides an assessment of the global gap in climate action across the world’s highest-emitting systems, highlighting where recent progress made in reducing GHG emissions, scaling up carbon removal, and increasing climate finance must accelerate over the next decade.

Global Climate Change Solutions

• Limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires transforming almost all systems, from how we power our economy and build our cities to how we feed a growing population and manage our land.

• These transformations are not occurring nearly fast enough. This report assesses progress across 40 indicators of systems change and finds that none are on track to reach their 2030 targets.

• Change is heading in the right direction at a promising but insufficient speed for 6 indicators, and in the right direction but well below the required pace for 21 indicators assessed in this report. Change in another 5 indicators is heading in the wrong direction entirely, and data are insufficient to evaluate the remaining 8 indicators assessed by this report.

Download report: World Resources Institute