fbpx UAE local startup wins Europe innovation award - GITEX IMPACT 16-20 Oct 2023 Energy innovation summit & conference.

UAE: Local startup wins Europe innovation award – News | Khaleej Times

UAE startup wins Europe innovation award

Abu Dhabi-based deep technology startup founded by an Emirati has won a top honour in Europe.

Manhat, a startup that produces fresh water out of the sea, has bagged the prestigious Water Europe Innovations 2022 SMEs Award. Presenting the award to the startup’s founder Dr Saeed Alhassan, Water Europe noted the recognition is for Manhat’s “sustainable water and floating farm solution”.

By using the natural water distillation technology, their innovative device has been able to “produce water sustainability from open water surfaces for irrigation use,” underlined Water Europe, which was established by the European Commission as the European technology platform for water.

Manhat’s novel technique is to trap evaporated vapour from open water areas. The water vapour formed then condenses to form water droplets and is collected. The process doesn’t require any electricity and has zero CO2 emissions. This water can immediately be used for irrigating crops on floating farms.

Dr Alhassan, an Abu Dhabi national, is thrilled after receiving the award.

Source: Khaleej Times